Why Savour

Savour Sous Vide bags offer a new level of CONVENIENCE and RELIABILITY specifically designed for sous vide cooking. Our bags provide truly leak-proof construction and food is securely sealed in just seconds without a vacuum sealer. Best of all, the bags are REUSABLE many times and are dishwasher safe. We believe bringing convenience and SUSTAINABILITY to the rapidly growing sous vide market is the right thing to do.

  • No more vacuum sealers or pumps
  • No more leaky zippers or edge seals
  • No melting at high temps or long cooks

Our bags:

  • Seal food in seconds without any additional tools
  • Will not fail at any sous vide temperature
  • Work great with wet foods and marinades
  • Reusable bags are washable and dishwasher safe
  • Prevent freezer burn better than a typical zipper bag
  • Are BPA- and BPS-free
Invented, patented and constructed in the USA, Savour is faster and simpler to use than a vacuum sealer, and works great with or without marinades. It also has incredible reliability and will not melt or leak at any sous vide temperature from the freezer to highest cooking temperatures. The same cannot be said for typical "freezer" bags. With Savour there is no need to buy a bulky and expensive vacuum sealer and spend 30-60 seconds evacuating and sealing every bag. Savor bags will have you cooking in less than 10 seconds without any tools. The waterproof zipper can be submerged along with the food to eliminate potential cross-contamination associated with zippers that must be clipped above the surface of the bath. Fast, Simple, Secure!
Savour uses the natural water pressure in the bath to remove air gently but completely without a vacuum sealer, pumps, or any clips. Vacuum sealers struggle to seal their bags if the food is wet. Savour works GREAT with marinades and can even be used to cook soups and stews. The gentle removal of air from the bag also ensures that delicate foods like hamburgers or fish will never be smashed or deformed. Unlike typical zippered "freezer" bags that can melt and fail above 152° F, Savour is ideal for cooking foods like fruits and vegetables which require high temperature (183-190° F) to cook safely. Savour lets you expand your culinary horizons!
The Savour bag is made with the thinnest, strongest FDA-compliant material for maximum heat resistance and food safety. It is the best performing cooking bag available. Other bags are marketed for sous vide, but are too heavy and stiff and resist snuggling around the food. The pumps to remove air from these bags are failure-prone and a nightmare to use. Our water-tight zipper lets you put the entire bag in the bath. Submerging the zipper with the food eliminates the risk of raw juices on the zipper coming in contact with cooked food. This can happen when the zipper is clipped above the heated bath during cooking.
Savour has the strength to go from cooking to the refrigerator or freezer so you can make meals ahead of time and store them for eating later. The film we use has more moisture and oxygen barrier than typical freezer bags - which helps resist freezer burn and extends storage. And of course, Savour bags are free of BPA and BPS and will not leach anything harmful during cooking. Our bag is patented for its unique design.

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