Sous Vide Made Simple With Savour

Savour Sous Vide was born out of a love for cooking, and frankly, a lot of frustration. I have been cooking sous vide for over a decade – starting with a pot of water, a gas stove and a cheap dial thermometer. My first sous vide cook was in 2006: a boneless leg of lamb bound in plastic film and butcher’s twine. By watching the thermometer like a hawk for hours to keep the temperature somewhere near 140F we were rewarded with an amazing meal. From that first sketchy experiment, I have watched with excitement the development of immersion circulators that make the “cooking” part of the process precise and accessible to everyone. The benefits of sous vide cooking are finally going mainstream!
As a cook, I was frustrated with the difficulty in finding an easy approach to the equally important packaging side of the sous vide process.
But I was also frustrated. New and experienced sous-viders alike are expected to figure out how to package food for cooking. Instead of buying a cooker and cooking, home chefs had to know temperature limits for "freezer" bags, or invest in expensive vacuum sealers. Typical zipper bags normally designed for holding sandwiches or Legos are readily available but are unreliable and often leak – a disaster when guests are over for that special meal or when you've spent a ton of money on that grass-fed, 28-day aged steak. Or, they melt at higher temperatures limiting what you can cook with this amazing process. Vacuum sealer systems are expensive and bulky - often costing more than the cooker itself. Their bags are designed for long-term freezer storage and made of heavy plastic. And perhaps worst of all, they don’t work well with marinades or wet foods - two critical ingredients in sous vide cooking.

No single package met the unique needs of sous vide chefs. We set out to change that. My amazing team created a package specifically for sous vide cooking that works at any sous vide temperature, with any food or marinade, and without any additional equipment.

My background as a food packaging developer, Certified Culinary Scientist and passionate foodie has provided the tools and understanding to create Savour. Of course, a network of amazing people are also striving to make the product great. We are all committed to helping make sous vide cooking available to everyone.

On behalf of our team, I sincerely hope that Savour Sous Vide helps you make amazing food!

Bob Godfroid,
Mckinney, Texas

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