• Are Savour bags reusable?

    Yes! Savour bags are reusable. They are also dishwasher safe. The bags are constructed of tough materials that are suitable for all sous vide temperatures. This means they can be used over and over. An added benefit is they can be re-vented if needed, or even reopened and re-sealed if you forget an ingredient during a cook. Savour bags can be hand-washed with soap and water or put in the dishwasher across multiple prongs to make sure the interior is cleaned.

  • Do I need a vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking?

    Savour bags were designed to address problems with vac sealers specifically for sous vide cooking such as marinades preventing a good seal or gunking up your machine. Our bags work great with marinades - like really great - and seal food in seconds without machines or pumps. In addition, they won't smash delicate foods, and can be re-vented if the food gives off air during cooking. For freezer storage there is little trade-off because they prevent freezer burn better than a zippered "freezer" bag. Vac sealers are good for a lot of things, and Savour bags are great for sous vide!

  • What sizes are available for the Savour Sous Vide Cooking Bags?

    Two sizes are available: Quart size and Gallon size. Packages of each size are available on the Shop page. You can also choose a Combo Sized package of Savour Sous Vide Cooking Bags, which includes 8 Gallon sized bags and 10 Quart sized bags.

  • Is a vacuum sealer required to use the Savour Sous Vide Cooking Bags?

    No vacuum sealer or pumps are needed with Savour Sous Vide Cooking Bags! Instead of a vacuum sealer Savour's unique design uses a water-tight zipper and a snorkel to remove the air from the submerged bag using water pressure. With Savour bags marinades and wet foods will never slow you down. Using liquids in vacuum sealer bags leads to seal failure and a gunked-up machine. Savour bags get you cooking in seconds without any equipment!

  • What is the temperature limit for the Savour Sous Vide Cooking Bags?

    Savour bags are designed for any sous vide cooking temperature. They are great for cooking foods like fruits and vegetables which require high temperature (183-190° F). Typical “freezer” bags will lose strength and can fail above 152° F. Savour bags are designed for sous vide cooking and not intended for boiling water applications.

  • Will the Savour Sous Vide Cooking Bags leach harmful chemicals into my food?

    Savour bags are free of BPA and BPS and will not leach anything harmful during cooking.

  • Is the Savour bag recyclable?

    Unused Savour bags are recyclable under the "7" recycling symbol. Check with your local municipality to find out how and where to recycle these. Unfortunately many areas will not recycle bags that have been used with food which can contaminate the recycling stream.

  • Where are Savour Sous Vide bags made?

    Our bags are designed, manufactured and packaged in the US. Our family company is located in Mckinney, Texas.

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