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How to get the best performance from your Savour Cooking Bags

Follow these fast and simple steps to success!
Place food in bag and seal zipper SECURELY.

• The proprietary water-tight zipper must be tightly sealed and that can take a little more pressure than a standard freezer bag (which are often not water-tight anyways).   

• Many cooks have found it easier to pinch the seal every inch or so to get it started before sliding across the zipper to complete the seal. This method also gives a reassuring clicking sound that tells you it’s securely sealed.
Others find pushing the zipper down onto a solid surface - like a cutting board – provides the leverage to seal it securely. The sturdy zipper and side seals insure that no water will enter the bag during cooking.

Attach orange snorkel to the vent. 

• The snorkel makes it easy to push the bag under water without getting water into the bag.

Push the bag under water while holding the top of the snorkel above the water level to expel air in the bag. 

• Natural water pressure in the bath will push the air from the bag, tightly wrapping the food as it submerges. There is never a need to suck on the snorkel!

• Using a spoon can help push the bag under water to release air quickly.

• There may be some small areas around the food. These are OK and will not affect the cooking.

When air is purged (2-3 seconds), remove the snorkel and replace it with a blue cap. The cap will snap in place with a "click.".

• Tip: To prevent air or water from re-entering the bag, lift the snorkel just enough to remove it from the blue vent at the bath surface before snapping the cap in place.
Let bag swim freely while cooking.

• The water-tight zipper can be submerged with the food to eliminate cross-contamination that can occur with zippers that must be clipped above the surface of the bath after coming in contact with raw meat.

• Carrots and vegetables naturally tend to float even after sealing the bag. Placing a metal butter knife or spoon in the bag will help keep these foods submerged during cooking. Placing a ceramic bowl on the bag also works.

• During cooking, vegetables often give off the air that makes them float in the first place. With Savour, you can re-vent the bag after 15-20 minutes of cooking to remove the released air.
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